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Iman Salehian is a Mexican-Iranian designer, illustrator, art director, and comma over-user—passionate about using creative to solve problems, bridge gaps and inspire good. 

With a career in Marketing & Visual Communications and a BA in English, she is a critical-thinker that thrives translating big ideas to actionable strategies, and unifying teams around clarity of purpose.

Iman lives in *glamorous* Burbank, CA with her husband Jack and dog Sammy. When she’s not behind her laptop, you can find her doodling on post-its, cooking with whatever she has in her fridge, or watching Jeopardy with family in her hometown of Encinitas. 



Senior Art Director/Designer, Brand & Creative Marketing

Iman Salehian Design  - Freelance

Art Director, Designer + Illustrator

Disney General Entertainment Content 

Manager, Visual Communications

Disney Media Distribution 

Senior Graphic Designer

Disney Interactive

Designer + Content Strategist 

ABC Consumer Research

Research Designer

UCLA, Department of Information Studies

Researcher + Graphic Designer

UCLA, Bachelor of Arts

English & Digital Humanities

Summa Cum Laude

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